Daily Routine

My typical day begins around 6:00 am, when I slip out of bed and get dressed in the dark, so as not to disturb my sleeping […]

English Class Happenings

Last weekend, I rode a bus for several hours, through beautiful mountains, to visit an American family in another city.  They welcomed me into their home, […]

At the Mercy of the Court

Preached by Rev. Greg Ward on March 5, 2017.  

Entering the Sabbath-Rest

Preached by Rev. Greg Ward on Feb. 26, 2017.  

Weekend Outings

So far, God has marvelously sustained me through seven weeks of teaching seven hours a day, five days a week.  My stomach and my throat still […]

Outdoor Market

I am very grateful to everyone who is praying for me.  I feel that the Lord is answering your prayers, as everything is going extremely well.  […]