Another Year of Blessings

I invited several friends over to celebrate my birthday.  After a hearty meal lovingly prepared by the family, I recounted one divine blessing from each year […]

Online Worship in Africa

The coronavirus has affected other aspects of our ministry in addition to our hospital. We are under an emergency order which prohibits in-person religious services, so […]

Education during an Epidemic

A Saturday shopping trip into town — sporting face masks, of course, since they’re in fashion these days — was the latest in a series of […]

Organizing a COVID-19 Hospital

Preparing a hospital to treat the city’s COVID-19 patients is no simple task. First there are all the calculations involved in estimating how many patients we […]

Indoor Kitchen

Progress continues on the home front. Our most recent project is an indoor kitchen, as pictured here. It’s certainly a blessing to be able to prepare […]

Easter Celebration

Last Sunday was a special day for us. We celebrated not only Easter, but also our national Women’s Day, which had been the preceding Tuesday, and […]