A Four-Language Conference

At 4:00 am on Saturday, Stephanie, Leah, Olga, and I rolled out of bed, put on our clothes, and headed with our luggage to the street […]

Clashes of Culture

Living with a local family is one of the best parts of my life here in Africa.  It’s also one of the hardest. My cultural struggles […]

Bonifácio Turns Forty

Bonifácio’s fortieth birthday, Saturday, began with a leisurely breakfast:  I took him and Stephanie to a quaint outdoor restaurant with gazebos on terraces amid blooming flowers, nestled […]

Harping in Africa

I’m spoiled indeed to have my concert grand pedal harp with me here in Africa.  It came in a container of medical supplies in 2019, and I’ve […]


When you move from one of the most developed countries in the world to one of the least, there is a wide variety of items that […]

Title: An African Wedding through a Nine-Year-Old’s Eyes

Nine-year-old Blaine accompanied me to a wedding this weekend.  I asked him to describe the adventure for you, and translated his oral account directly into English.  […]