Music Seminar

This past week I taught an intensive music seminar to the six top students from the general music training that I offered for our church’s members […]

Graduation of Children’s Ministry Workers

During my first year in Africa, I befriended my neighbor Afonso (at right in the photo) and began helping him prepare for the life of ministry […]

Nélzia and Carlos’s Wedding

It was in February 2018, shortly after arriving in Africa, that I met Nélzia, a young architect in our church. On that first evening that we […]

Training for Children’s Workers

My administrative work supports even events in which I’m not directly involved. For example, this past week, four Brazilian ladies used our facilities to train about […]

Bonifácio’s Birthday

Wednesday was Bonifácio’s birthday, and his wife Estefânia knew just how to make it special. Conveniently, Bonifácio had both forgotten that it was his birthday and […]

Exhibiting Books at Events

As the manager of our organization’s library/bookshop, I have begun accepting invitations to exhibit our books at events in town. The first was a fundraising concert […]