Women’s Ministry

I have finished teaching the ladies of our church my series of ten monthly lessons entitled, “Our Good Works: The Vital Role of Women in the […]

Working Hard

This past Wednesday was not only Labor Day here in Africa, but it was also a friend’s thirtieth birthday.  So we threw her a surprise party!  […]

Religious Connections

Since February, when the local Religious Affairs department of the government decided to hold its first Provincial Religious Conference, I have been a member of the […]

Special Baptism

This Sunday was a special day for me: my goddaughter Olga was baptized! I rejoiced to see her believe in Christ recently as we studied Romans […]

African Women’s Day

Did you know that April 7 is Women’s Day here in Africa? Local ladies typically dress up and go on outings with each other on this […]

Women’s Study in Africa

On Saturday, I taught the last lesson in my series of monthly ladies’ meetings regarding “Our Good Works: The Vital Role of Women in the Church”. […]