Rural River Baptism

On Sunday I enjoyed an African adventure. I woke up early because a pastor friend had invited me to join a group he was taking to […]

Conferences for Girls and Moms

Last week was filled to the brim with the work and joy of hosting fifty people, young ladies and their mothers, in our home daily for […]

My Son Afonso

I was introduced to the lanky 17-year-old lad on my first Sunday at church in Africa three and a half years ago. Afonso lived with two […]

Nelson’s Family

Since Carlota’s passing, it’s been my joy to befriend some of her relatives, especially her niece Filomena with her husband Nelson and their baby daughter Paula. […]

Thankful For My Director

What a privilege it is to work alongside a 30-year veteran of the field here in Africa. He and his wife have endured more hardships than […]

Rearranging my Room

Welcome to my bedroom! It’s a bright, cozy space for me to relax, play harp, read, work on my computer, or undertake other personal projects at […]