It was eight years ago, on my first trip to Africa, that I met Calton.  We both helped with administrative preparations for our organization’s annual pastors’ conference.  Before that point I had never used a smartphone, so Calton patiently taught me how to use the office iPhone to send event information to participants.  We also collaborated on the registration spreadsheet in Excel.

Since moving to Africa in 2018, I’ve become better acquainted with Calton.  Driven by his vision to see the true gospel and sound doctrine take root in our city and beyond, he uses his intellectual and managerial giftings to organize significant ministry outreaches.  I appreciate his sincere devotion to Christ and his attention to detail in his work.

These qualities brought Calton to mind when I asked my director early this year if our organization could hire an additional administrator to relieve my heavy workload.  He and I both talked with Calton, and he expressed eagerness to use his skills to further our ministry, which he wholeheartedly embraces.  We were all delighted when a Canadian church agreed to underwrite Calton’s salary and he joined our team in July.

During our busy conference season, Calton and I separately tackled urgent projects,  Now I’m showing him the ropes for everything that I do in the office, so that he can assume the bulk of my administrative work as soon as possible.  That will free me to translate a book on theology that my director has written in English, and to develop new aspects of our ministry.

So far, Calton has shown himself to be a quick learner, careful and inquisitive where necessary, capable of handling my many responsibilities.  Beyond that, he is a congenial companion in mundane tasks.  It’s refreshing to have someone to share a laugh or frustration or surprise in the little matters that I’ve kept to myself until now!

Please pray that Calton will soon gain mastery of the wide spectrum of work we want to entrust to him.  Pray also for God’s blessing on all his other ministry initiatives, including a Reformation Day celebration at the end of this month.  And pray that God will direct in his future, using his life to biblically shape culture and bring many to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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