We learned in December 2018 that our friends at New Hope High School were planning an end-of-year party/brunch at the school, and we offered to help in whatever way they saw fit. They agreed that we could bring cookies to the celebration scheduled for early December 19, the last full day of school before the break (December 20 and 21 were half-days to complete finals work).

Sharing the love of Christ at Christmas – You/He showed up Big!

Thank you to ALL of you who contributed gift cards for teachers, cookies, icing, sprinkles,

etc. to the celebration! A team, led by deacon Ben Finklea, arrived at 8:00 am on Wednesday morning, bringing “tidings of comfort and joy” and A LOT of cookies!

The students and staff were overwhelmed by the grace extended to them in the form of cookies and desserts. The table we set up with cookies and fixin’s was WAY beyond what they were expecting. Not only that, but Santa Claus showed up, too!

Some of the students were a bit reserved when we first arrived, not sure what to make of the strangers bringing gifts. Some were especially skeptical of Santa Claus, but as we met with them, ate with them, and shared our desire to serve, they began to warm up. By the end, several were willing to embrace Santa and his cookies. In fact, many used the cookie supplies to express themselves, making beautiful cookies to share and give to others. Furthermore, several of the cookies were packaged up for the students to bring home. Many of the kids were eager to share with their siblings and parents.

More About the Kids

One particular student felt empowered to tell his story – how he was finishing his degree after taking time off to care for his father who had cancer. Last year, he had to take time off of school to help his family deal with his father’s illness and was unable to finish his degree. This fall, he has been solely focused on finishing his degree, so he could go to Texas State University and become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). His father’s illness fueled his desire to serve in this capacity, and he is one of the first to be admitted to their competitive program without completion of his degree. He graduated in December of 2018, with the help of New Hope High School. He also was thankful and energized by the support shown the school.

There are more stories like these about kids in different circumstances, brought to New Hope (NHHS), trying to do the right thing and move on with their lives. Our small gesture, in the name of Jesus, went a LONG way.

Loving the Teachers

Your generosity brought joy to many of these children, but also brought joy to the teachers. The gift cards we donated were passed out at their teacher luncheon, and they were able to give something to every teacher, as well gift cards to their college coach and programmer assistant.

What Now? Mentoring & Mark 6 Offering

New mentoring opportunities for the students of New Hope High School continue to be available. If you are interested in serving, please fill out an application.

Also, we observed while we were there that the food pantry we set up is VERY well-used. The donations we’ve been supplying are dwindling, and your continued giving is incredibly valuable for the sustenance of these students. Specifically, they can use:

Microwavable lunch items

  • Mac and Cheese is a WINNER!
  • Microwavable ramen

Breakfast & Juice

  • Single (microwavable) oatmeal
  • Individual juice packets/boxes (like Caprisun)
  • Protein breakfast bars

Snack items

  • Granola bars
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Other individual wrapped snacks.

Our complete list of suggested items:

~Individual portion microwaveable lunches, soups, breakfast items
~Breakfast bars
~Fruit cups
~Individually wrapped cheese and cracker or peanut butter and cracker snacks
~Raisins, nuts
~Fruit bars, roll ups
~Granola bars
~Animal crackers, Famous Amos type cookies
~Toiletries – toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, etc.
~Feminine supplies – tampons

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