Dear Church Family,

It was a great joy to gather together in corporate worship again last Sunday. Unfortunately, it was not the same for all of us. I know many of you have been saddened by two particular things that you miss out with on the livestream service: communion and fellowship. And frankly this saddens me too. But of course we also want everyone to be cautious and safe!

So we’re going to try something new this week for those in “at risk” categories. We’re going to offer a drive-up service. Instead of sitting at home and watching the live stream in your jammies, you’ll put some clothes on and drive to Summit Christian Academy and sit in your car. You can then live stream the service with your phone, tablet, or laptop. You may need to use your cellular data on your phone, but we are working to have wifi available in the parking area near the doors. (We’ll save spaces for you to park there.) Then when it’s time for communion, I’ll bring the bread and wine out to you at your cars. (On roller skates! … not really.)

Finally, as soon as the service ends we’ll all be coming outside immediately for fellowship. You can then sit in your cars and wave at us, or you can get out and fellowship while keeping  your physical distance in the fresh air. So, you get to have communion and we get to greet your smiling faces! How’s that?

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Greg

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