This past week was quite a full one for me. (Anything new there?!) My time at work centered around our sales of books at a national denominational youth conference on the other side of town, as pictured here. Organizing and packing everything, shelves included, then transporting it and setting it up, was no small task. I am grateful for the dedication of our employees and volunteers who not only accomplished this but also served customers with excellence each day.

That conference began on Tuesday. On Wednesday, my American friend Ana arrived to spend the next two months with me, and has already delighted me by her companionship and able assistance with many projects. Thursday was the opening day of another conference, this one hosted by Bonif√°cio at the recently upgraded facilities of his church and preschool, for 200 youth of his denomination from around the province. On Friday we celebrated Ana’s birthday in the midst of all our activities. Saturday afternoon was the first in a series of music training sessions I’m conducting for our church; the thirteen participants learned much during the three intensive hours of instruction.

I would like you to pray that I would respond in a more Christ-like way to life’s little irritations that come my way. These include potentially malaria-carrying mosquitoes that somehow make their way into my mosquito net and wake me up; flies whose buzzing disturbs my sleep from outside the net; and the cat who rids our house of mice but bothers me with her meowing during the night, demands for attention during the day, and going to the bathroom on the floor. I’ve also come down with another cold. Another continual need is wisdom to organize my time between various projects; as an example, during this week I must prepare a two-hour message I’ll present to 50 young ladies at a seminar of yet another denomination this Saturday. Your prayers are precious to me; please don’t stop!

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