On Saturday, I took a day trip with Bonifácio and Stephanie to her hometown several hours away.  It was the longest journey we’ve made so far in our personal vehicle, which served us excellently.  I had already met many of Stephanie’s relatives, but it was wonderful to visit them in their own homes.  I also loved touring the city together, with Stephanie showing me the places she used to play, study, and work.  One of the most interesting sites was the spot in the river where the local women do their laundry, pictured here.

Sunday brought blessings of a different sort.  Electricians have been working in our house all week, putting the electrical wiring inside the existing walls (did I mention dust?!!!), but this was the first day I was at home to experience the confusion firsthand.  Needing to stay outside all day was a fitting opportunity for me to relax, meditate, pray, and journal regarding emotional struggles I’ve faced recently, about which I would appreciate your prayers.  In the evening, the family spent memorable hours together cleaning up the epic mess, made all the more adventurous when the electricity went off for the remainder of the night.  In sum, the weekend brought a welcome change of pace to renew my enthusiasm for returning to the office on Monday.

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