My colleague Bonifácio, his wife Estefânia, and their daughters are good friends of mine.  In addition to working with Bonifácio on a daily basis in our organization’s office, I help in various ways with the Christian preschool his family runs.  I have also visited their home and the church they have planted.  Estefânia helped me host a year-end party for my co-workers, and later welcomed me home from my vacation with a delicious meal.  She and her girls, to whom I hope to begin teaching music soon, recently accompanied me to the recital of my current music students.

When Estefânia’s father passed away suddenly two weeks ago, I was able to console her before she traveled to be with her family.  Her older daughter spent the night with me before catching a different ride to the same place the following day.  This past Sunday, I went to their house for a service of consolation planned there by their church; however, it was almost over when I arrived, since it had started earlier than anticipated (quite the opposite of what normally happens here!).

I hope this sampling of activities we’ve done together in the last few months gives you a flavor of my relationship with this sweet family.  Since I care about them, I would like to request your prayers on their behalf.  You can pray that they would:
  1. Finish construction of the home they are already living in.
  2. Avoid malaria, which has plagued them incessantly at the new home.
  3. Obtain a vehicle for family and ministry use.
  4. Obtain a piano so I can give them music lessons.
  5. Continue spiritual growth in the church they have planted.
  6. Establish a church in the remote village where they have begun outreach.
  7. Minister spiritually to the families of preschool students.
  8. Obtain a printer/copier and a projector for the preschool.
  9. Receive sufficient funds to continue operating the preschool.
Thank you very much!

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