Last Tuesday was my hosts’ thirtieth wedding anniversary, so about twenty local friends sneaked into the house to throw them a delightful surprise party. Though I am the newest member of this community, I, unlike all the other guests, knew the couple at the time of their wedding thirty years ago, before they moved here. I mentioned this, with a remark about their faithfulness to each other throughout their marriage, to open a time of sharing appreciation for them. The other guests followed suit with many heartfelt expressions of gratitude for my hosts’ Godly example and sacrificial investments in numerous lives. It was indeed a special evening.

I’ve had a busy and productive week in the office. Besides keeping up with the accounting, my major project has been designing an e-mail newsletter and compiling a list of contacts to whom to send it and future communications. Our next big task is to place a large order of Christian books from overseas to sell at a subsidized rate to pastors at this summer’s national conference.

I enjoy my many opportunities for learning, including those that arise in the course of my administrative work. My daily language study sessions with a local helper are going well, though it’s a challenge to find as much time for personal study as I would like. A longtime employee has begun giving me driving lessons, guiding me towards proficiency in maneuvering the organization’s heavy-duty vehicles on the less-than-ideal local roads. And, with a mature woman in the church, I have started a ten-lesson discipleship series which is a prerequisite for associate membership.

God is blessing me in many ways, and I am grateful!

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