It’s great to be back home in Africa! Four of my co-workers met me at the airport and brought me home to a delightful surprise meal with friends. I loved catching up with them and others who trickled in over the next few days to greet me and converse. I attended to month-end accounting and other office work waiting for me, and by the end of the first week had finished everything urgent.

Recently, a 16-year-old young lady in our church asked me to be her godmother. After receiving counsel from a number of friends, including the Christian couple with whom she lives, I was ready to accept. This past week I went with her to visit her unbelieving parents and ask their permission to be her godmother, which they readily gave. I am excited about this opportunity to closely mentor her spiritually, and plan to begin weekly meetings with her immediately. The photo above shows her on the far left, with her cousin, and her parents on the right.

The leaders of our church have asked me to disciple a woman who has participated faithfully in our congregation for 25 years, but doesn’t yet seem to understand the gospel. She is delighted about studying the Bible with me, starting this week. My prayer is that God will open her heart to His truth and bring her to faith in Christ.

I am excited to see ladies in the church taking the initiative to serve the congregation in various ways, in response to the study I’ve been leading on that topic. One woman is organizing a choir and has asked me to contribute my musical expertise, which I’m happy to do, starting this weekend. This might be the beginning of God’s answer to my prayer as to how I can fulfill the church leadership’s request for music training for those who could lead during worship; a lack of instruments and resources had left me puzzled regarding how to accomplish this.

Please pray regarding these new areas of ministries as well as all the others which I plan to continue. Thank you!

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