Last weekend, I took my visiting friend Ana on a vacation to a beach and island, together with Estefânia with whom I live. The three of us enjoyed local food and comfortable accommodations as we explored historical sites and natural beauty. The seven-hour journey in various trucks, vans, and motorcycles was an adventure too.

Lately I have been conscious of God’s hand of protection upon me in several close calls. As I prepared to de-board the boat at the beach, I lost my balance and fell face-first into the boat, but amazingly the only marks left on me were two tiny scratches, immediately above and below my eye. In town, a determined thief rammed into me more than once while I had valuables on me and several young people in my care, yet all he succeeded in doing was unzipping the outer portion of one bag without removing anything. In the bookshop I unwisely stacked Bible precariously while labeling them, yet when they all crashed to the ground there was no apparent damage. I could go on and on with tales of the Lord’s tender care of me in response to your prayers!

With Bonifácio and Estefânia’s long-delayed wedding ceremony and reception fast approaching on October 5, a great amount of preparatory work still remains to be done and I sense the level of stress rising. Please ask the Lord that all the work would go smoothly (especially the wedding dress that Ana is sewing); that we would have wisdom in determining priorities and allotting our time; that we would faithfully love each other despite the pressure; and that God would be glorified through the event. Thank you.

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