I am privileged to manage our organization’s book room, which functions as both a bookstore and a library with more than a thousand titles of sound Christian literature. Every year we place a large order of books from overseas in order to replenish what has been sold and to augment our stock with new publications. After last year’s order, we ran out of shelving space to display all of our books, so we asked our carpenter to build more shelves. I am currently in the final stages of arranging our literature in the new setup.

At the same time, I am organizing copious data about our stock and sales, as well as all the titles available from our five suppliers, into a spreadsheet for my director to choose what we’ll order this year. That task will be followed by placing the order and coordinating the multi-stage shipping and importation process until the books finally arrive. I will then, with the help of volunteers, verify receipt of everything and update our computer software to begin selling the new books — in time, we hope, for our pastors’ conference in July. Please pray that this work will go smoothly, and that the Holy Spirit will draw people to the Truth by means of the literature we distribute.

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