A couple from our church was married this weekend.  The small civil ceremony, necessary for the matrimony to be recognized by the government, was on Friday, and that’s where I snapped this photo of the newlyweds Ancha and Breginev with their godparents.  Godparents play a fundamental role in local weddings, and in this case the godparents were the couple I live with, even though they belong to a different church.
I played violin for Breginev and Ancha’s big Christian wedding on Saturday, in coordination with a pianist and guitarists who also sang.  My director, our pastor, officiated.  In typical local fashion, the wedding started well after the 10:00 announced starting time; the couple left after the ceremony to take photos in town; the reception feast began when they returned; and the festivities continued until sunset.  Please pray that God’s hand of blessing will rest upon this new marriage.

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