My American friends here in town have been such a blessing. I’ve gone to their house each Sunday afternoon for a Bible study, and they have even picked me up in their vehicle so I wouldn’t have to walk. On Memorial Day, they hosted several other Americans and me for a wonderful afternoon of celebration and fellowship. When I asked for advice about buying a camera here, since my old camera stopped working properly, they generously gave me an extra camera they had.

At this past Bible study — my last time to attend before leaving the country — I met an American woman who had never attended before. She told me about her ministry of giving away Christian books in English, and said that my students would be welcome to come help themselves to as many books as they wanted. So I few days later, I led them on the short walk from our home to hers. The students were beside themselves with excitement to see three rooms of walls lined floor to ceiling with Christian books, all free for the taking. With profuse thankfulness to both that ministry and the Lord, they brought back many boxes of books to read themselves and share with others.

This past week was our last week of English class, and the students took their final exam this past Tuesday. We’d prayed for good weather, so that they could spread out outside for the exam; however, the day was rainy. We made do, though, using the porches of several apartments and a covered area in the back where we hang laundry to dry. The students did well on their exam, and felt very relieved once it was over.

As the students have memorized Hebrews 11 over the past two months, they’ve drawn a picture for each verse. We’ve been lining the top of our classroom wall with these pictures. It was great to see our “cloud of witnesses” completed this past weekend, all the way through to verse forty. Now the students are reviewing their memory work in preparation for recitation at our graduation ceremony in their country next week.

I have packed up my belongings and am preparing to cross the border along with my students early tomorrow morning. I look forward to spending June in several different cities there. Please pray for continued good health, safety, rest, refreshment, and fellowship. Thank you very much!

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