Last week was filled to the brim with the work and joy of hosting fifty people, young ladies and their mothers, in our home daily for two conferences: “Strong in the Lord” for ages 8-18 on Monday and Tuesday, and “Radiant Purity” for ages 11-25 Wednesday through Friday. Both conferences consisted of video sessions in English for which I provided live oral translation, followed by small group discussions led by the ladies of our household and my goddaughter. The final day also included an animated question-and-answer session; a private mother-daughter conversation hour; testimonies from attendees; and a closing exhortation from Pastor Bonif√°cio.

As to the work involved, a dedicated kitchen crew cooked and served breakfast, lunch, and snack daily, and washed the dishes afterwards. Our organization’s driver brought participants from the city to our home in a truck at 7:00 each morning, then took them back again when the conference ended at 5:00 each afternoon. The family cleaned the house and set up neat rows of plastic chairs in our living room daily. My task of translation was mentally, emotionally, and physically demanding, but God’s grace enabled me to succeed with pleasure.

As to the joy involved, it could be seen on the faces of the attendees as they were challenged with Biblical truths and resolved to put them into practice in their lives. It was also evident in nightly conversations among the leaders, as they excitedly recounted what the girls and moms had shared in their small groups. Let’s pray earnestly that the enemy won’t steal the seed sown in these hearts, but that all who participated in the conferences will continue walking in God’s way even when faced with difficulties.

Several denominations of churches were represented among the attendees. Our hope for various congregations to invite us to present this teaching to their young ladies is already starting to be realized. Please bathe in prayer our efforts to train local young women to be strong in the Lord and radiantly pure for Him.

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