This is Luisa, a 16-year-old neighbor and niece of the couple I live with. Eager to follow Christ, she wanted me to study the Bible with her, but my full schedule made this difficult. So I have asked Darcy to lead Luisa through the book of John, which we covered recently in our household’s devotions. Both cousins like that idea, and they plan to begin soon. Please pray that Darcy will explain the Scripture well and that Luisa will understand and believe.

Genita is a recently-baptized teenager in our congregation who approached me last year requesting discipleship. I arranged for Ancha, a mature church member in her twenties, to mentor Genita. Unfortunately, they have not yet managed to develop a routine of regular meetings. Please pray that they will be diligent to study together and that the Holy Spirit will bring forth fruit in Genita’s life.

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