The door to my bedroom has gone through several modifications since I moved in five months ago. It was purchased and hung shortly before my arrival, but then at my request the carpenter turned it the other direction to give more of an open feel toward the rest of the house. After a couple of months, the door started to sag on its hinges, making it very difficult to bolt, so the carpenter returned to repair that problem. However, the fix proved to be only temporary, so now he is putting in a completely new door frame which will hopefully result in a straight, secure door.

While the carpenter is working on my door, the Lord is working on my heart. Issues of hurt and forgiveness, of transparency and faithfulness, of trust and surrender, and of laboring to please the Lord rather than man are revealing greater depths of my sin-prone weakness and my consequent dependence upon my Savior’s mighty strength, with the result that His grace and healing are abounding to me in precious ways. Please join me in praying that I will always be tender and responsive to the Holy Spirit’s work of sanctification in me.

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