A Saturday shopping trip into town — sporting face masks, of course, since they’re in fashion these days — was the latest in a series of driving lessons I’ve been giving Bonifácio. And on weekdays, after my office hours, I teach academic classes to the rest of the family, since the schools at which they normally study and work are closed due to the coronavirus. We’ve just completed a seven-week survey of world history and are beginning an overview of all the countries of the world. Science classes are going strong, thanks to online videos. English classes hit a snag due to the students’ weak understanding of grammar in their own language, so after a week remediating that we’re turning back to English. In household worship, we recently finished a marvelously insightful study of John facilitated by me; and a schedule tweak has allowed Bonifácio to participate again, so he’s now leading us through First Samuel. Whether it’s driving or academics or especially God’s word, I love teaching! Please pray that I would instruct with excellence.

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