Last weekend, I rode a bus for several hours, through beautiful mountains, to visit an American family in another city.  They welcomed me into their home, where I spent hours curled up with interesting volumes from their bookshelf.  They treated me to Tex-Mex food one night, and Italian food the next.  Arriving home from my refreshing weekend on Monday evening, I was delighted to see my students’ smiling faces again, and to resume classes the next morning.

In other news, my students replaced our old, well-worn marker board (which came to us second-hand) with a brand new one which is easier for me to write on, and much easier for them to read from.  And we celebrated the first birthday since we’ve been together, as a student turned 18.  We enjoyed surprising her with a beautiful, delicious cake from a nearby bakery, and the students found a creative use for the frosting, as you can from the last photo below!

Please pray for my students’ health.  Headaches, stomachaches, nausea, cramping, fevers, kidney stones, and extreme weakness are among the maladies they have experienced in the past two months, and especially recently.  One student, John, after weeks of off-and-on malaise, finally saw a local doctor, who basically concluded that it is all in his head, and gave him a bag of medications which make him feel even worse.  I’m asking the Great Physician to heal John, and the others, so that they can pursue their English studies without distraction — as well as, of course, for their own comfort.

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