Our family loves having company!  Last month, our friends who work in a remote village were in town to catch a flight out of the country for furlough, so they came to our home for lunch and a stroll through the neighborhood.  We enjoyed visiting with them before their trip and showing them our preschool.  The children in that family speak only English and the tribal language of their location, so they don’t have a language in common with the children of our household; but they still manage to play together just fine, occasionally asking the adults to translate for them.

The following weekend, another foreign family visited us for lunch.  In this case, they are from a neighboring African country and have been here for twelve years, so they all speak the national language well.  They came early so the wife could learn to make fajitas by working alongside us in the kitchen, while the children played and the men toured the preschool.  When all was ready and we gathered to eat, the fajitas were a hit!  Before leaving, our guests asked us to sing one of our favorite hymns for them, so we happily obliged with a song called “We Give Thanks”.

Our organization is currently hosting an American surgeon who is prayerfully considering permanently joining our work.  He arrived at our headquarters a week ago with his son, and his wife and daughters arrived last night.  While they were still in transit yesterday, the father and son hiked with our family and friends up to a mountain, where I translated (pictured here) for his interactions with these brothers and sisters in Christ.  Afterwards, we served them a traditional local meal in our home.  Please pray that our family will have sufficient time to converse with the surgeon’s entire family this week, and that God will show them His will regarding where they should serve Him.

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