Thank you for praying for our organization’s efforts to serve our community by loaning our facility to the government as the regional COVID-19 treatment center. By God’s grace, many feats were accomplished to open the facility, and during the month of June it served a total of twelve COVID-19 patients. Surprisingly, no more than that needed to be admitted for the disease. Even more remarkable is the fact that the hospital has now been empty for a week for lack of any serious coronavirus cases. Added to that, an antibody test done in the town at large shows that five percent of the city has already had the virus!

As we thank the Lord for sparing our area from the devastation wrought in other parts of the world, we are turning our attention towards the next phase: opening our facility as a general surgical center. This has been the plan all along, and it has been propelled forward by the COVID emergency. We are furnishing and outfitting the rooms, including the laboratory pictured here, with the hope of receiving surgical inpatients in the not-too-distant future. Please keep up your prayers.

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