God marvelously answered our prayers for the girls’ conference we hosted in our home on Friday and Saturday. Fifty young women filled our living room to hear video teaching which I translated, then divided into four groups for discussion. The logistics and technical aspects of the event ran smoothly, and the participants showed eagerness to be “strong in the Lord”, our theme. My translation work was exhausting, but God strengthened me, and I had ample time to rest between sessions. Please pray regarding our plans to expand our ministry to local young women.

In the same weekend, we celebrated Afonso’s birthday on Friday evening and Bonif√°cio’s birthday on Sunday evening. We also packed many of our belongings into boxes to go into storage while our entire house is being painted and tiled — a project which began today and may take several weeks. I said goodbye to the family this morning and brought my suitcases with me to the premises where I work, where I’ll be staying through the duration of the project. The children will travel to visit their grandmother during the same period. Please pray for God’s protection for the family while we are separated, and for a beautiful, high-quality result from the home improvement work.

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