Today I attended a graduation ceremony for a local pastor who received his doctorate in theology from an overseas-based institution.  My companion and I listened with interest to the music, prayers, and speeches by graduates and dignitaries.  Afterwards we traveled with our graduating friend to his church, where we participated in a worship service and feast in honor of the occasion.

I continue to gratefully praise the Lord for the home to which I have moved.  And I continue to seek solutions regarding the related issues of health and time.  As to health, I came down with a cold as soon as I moved, and then caught another on the heels of that, which I’m still trying to shake.  Perhaps the many family members and employees with same symptoms have passed their germs along to me; or perhaps the cooler temperatures, which they blame for their condition, are the underlying culprit.  I am grateful that I haven’t (yet!) come down with the malaria that plagued the family with whom I live during the first few months after they moved here.  But I’m still praying — and would ask you to join me — for God’s healing and for wisdom in caring for myself, so that I can enjoy my new living situation without headaches, congestion, fatigue, and a sore throat.

As to time, I’m finding that I have less free time for personal projects.  This is partly due to my commute, which currently happens on public transportation and would be faster if I acquire my own vehicle.  It’s also due to the fact that I’ve been unusually tired — whether as a result or as a contributing cause of my colds, I’m not sure — and felt compelled to spend much time sleeping and resting.  A happier factor is the time I spend with the family I live with, learning their ways of cooking and housekeeping, and participating in their meals and worship.  I would actually like to spend much more time with them in these activities.  But I also need to find some space in my schedule for life’s necessities such as responding to e-mails and managing personal finances.  Once again, prayers for wisdom and God’s provision are in order.  Thank you!

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