An important facet of the ministry I work with involves Christian literature.  Our book room, located near the front of our property, is open to the public six days a week.  It functions both as a library for people to read books on-site, and as a bookstore to sell books.

My own involvement with the bookstore until now has centered on finances.  As the organization’s bookkeeper, I receive the cash from book sales, and record it appropriately, on a monthly basis.  Recently I have also been handling our large annual wholesale order of books from overseas.

With my primary duties of finances and communication under control, I now have time to focus on assuming management of the bookshop, which has been a pending assignment for me ever since I arrived.  The outgoing manger is training me in the computer program, policies, procedures, and everything else I’ll need to know in order to oversee this aspect of our ministry.  We expect to hire additional attendants soon, and perhaps implement improvements to the program.

I have a lot to learn, but I am trying to master it as quickly as possible.  I desire to perform my responsibilities well so that our books can bring the maximum possible blessing to pastors and the local community.  I would appreciate your prayers for me in that regard.

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