Church Women’s Meetings

Several months ago, a member of our congregation suggested that I lead a ladies’ Bible study on how we women can serve in the church.  I thought and prayed about it, then compiled an outline of lessons which I presented to the church leadership.  They approved my idea of teaching this material in a series of monthly meetings, and announced the plan during the next service.  A week ago, we ladies gathered after worship to discuss the schedule, and decided to meet on the first Saturday of each month from 11:00 to 1:00, including a light lunch.

Since the very next Saturday was the first one in the month, I had many preparations to accomplish during that week.  I fleshed out the first point on my outline into a full-fledged lesson and practiced presenting it, first alone and then with my language helper.  I prepared songs and skit with a friend.  I planned the schedule for the meeting and asked some ladies to lead small groups for prayer at the end of it.  I bought and cooked the food, and set up the meeting room.  And of course I prayed for God’s blessing on this ministry.

The Lord seemed to answer my prayer.  Nearly all the women of the church participated, about twenty ladies, most of them younger than I.  They seemed to like the meal I’d prepared, judging from the fact that the platters were empty by the time we departed.  They sang along with the music and laughed during our skit, correctly identifying afterwards the point that it illustrated.  The majority of our study consisted of reading Bible verses and summarizing the truths they teach regarding good works in the life of a Christian.  Everyone appeared to be engaged and interested.  When we divided into small groups at the end, the ladies shared needs and prayed for one another, then many lingered afterwards for fellowship.

Please pray for this ministry to the women of our church.  Our monthly meetings will continue through May with the theme of “Our Good Works:  The Vital Role of Women in the Church”.  I need much wisdom and discernment in preparing the lessons, and I want the Lord to powerfully use His Word to draw these sisters closer to Himself.  I also desire to be faithful in the management of logistics and refreshments for the gatherings.  I am very grateful to all who stand behind me in prayer.

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