Computer Training for Pastors

I am blessed to be part of a ministry that serves pastors in the region, many of whom have little formal theological training. Our annual conference provides valuable teaching for them, from excellent preachers of various nationalities. At this summer’s conference, I assisted my director with an elective session he taught on how to study the Bible topically using resources such as concordances and dictionaries.

During that lecture, after showing the pastors the usefulness of such tomes which are beyond their financial reach, he explained that they are available for the public to read free of charge in our library. He also informed them of websites where they can undertake much of the same research online. Since most of these pastors have neither computers nor high-speed Internet access, he invited them to come at any time to our office and use our WiFi and computers for that purpose. And he announced my willingness to sit with the pastors to show them how to use not only these websites but also computers in general.

I was pleased that several pastors approached me after the session expressing their desire to accept my offer. And I have been delighted as several have come almost every day for the past two weeks to do just that! I have set up for their use several of our computers that were not needed for other purposes. I am showing them websites where they can search for verses, passages, words, or phrases in the Bible, as well as consult commentaries and dictionaries. In their excitement about the potential for learning the Bible better by these means, these men also realize that they are hampered by a lack of basic familiarity with computers and correct typing. So we are spending a good deal of our time building computer and typing skills, and they are making notable progress.

I find it very rewarding to sit between several pastors at computers, assisting them as they diligently progress through typing lessons and study the Bible. I’m grateful that my director gladly allows me to to pursue this project during working hours. Please pray that the computers will keep functioning properly, and that the pastors will learn quickly and use their new skills to further their ministries for God’s glory.

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