My experience at our pastors’ conference this week was marvelous in every way!  As part of the team handling conference logistics, I bore two important responsibilities:  registration and finances.  Each one required many hours of work during the conference, not to mention a great deal of time invested in the preceding weeks and months.  I thank God that everything flowed smoothly, with minimal problems that were easily resolved.

The blessings I experienced during the week were too many to count!  One was a small office room on the premises, reserved for my use, in which I could efficiently and safely carry out my responsibilities.  Another was the family I know who lives on the conference site and welcomed me to sleep in their home during the week, which allowed me to get plenty of rest despite the long hours of work.  A special blessing was the joy of working closely together with colleagues who are committed to the same goal of exalting Christ and who fulfill their tasks with excellence.  And I was very grateful to attend several of the preaching sessions, which edified and encouraged me greatly.

In the months leading up to the conference, I communicated with a number of the pastors via phone calls and text messages, in addition to processing their registrations.  I was glad for the opportunity to meet many of them in person during the event.  I look forward to continued contact with some of them as I assist with the administration of a program that provides them with Christian literature and discussion groups, and as I show others how to use online resources to study the Bible.  Please pray that God would use me, through these means of practical support, to assist these pastors in their service to Him and to their congregations.

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