Hosting Guests

For two days this past week, it was my privilege to host an American family who is considering moving here long-term. I was blessed to enjoy fellowship with them, introduce them to our associates, and take them around the city. Because the family with whom I live is still away, I was the sole hostess for this visit — though I had plenty of help from our faithful employees.

On the same day that I welcomed the visitors at the airport, I hosted a large dinner for about 35 people, many of them from our church. It was a great opportunity for our guests to become acquainted with local believers and hear how God is working in individual lives and among His people as a whole. I myself was greatly edified by the conversation.

I am very grateful to many volunteers from the church who prepared the main dishes for that dinner in an outdoor kitchen on our property. It was a typical local meal of bean soup over rice, with cabbage salad and a vegetable sauce. I myself bought the ingredients that morning, and spent the afternoon making fruit bars for dessert and getting the house ready for the festive occasion.

On the second day, I took the visiting family to tour a local Christian international school and a large, Christian-owned chicken farm. Since it was my first time to see both sites, I was just as interested as they were. We ate a picnic lunch at the farm, then drove through our own rural property on our way into town to do a bit of shopping. Back at the house, we walked around the premises before cooking and eating our supper.

The following morning, my guests had to be at their next destination by 9:00, but we still found time along the way to buy some local garments. The colorful skirts I brought home will not only blend in with current styles here, but will also remind me of the great new friends I was honored to meet. Would you take a moment to pray that God will clearly guide them in their decision of whether to serve Him here?

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