House of Joy

It was recently my privilege to visit a home for babies and toddlers whose mothers have died. I was asked not to photograph the children, which was just as well since my hands were full holding them and playing with them. At one time I counted five on top of me! I was delighted to cuddle, talk, and laugh with as many as possible, as they surrounded me with outstretched arms.

These dear little ones seemed happy and well cared-far, in a clean and pretty environment. They were neatly groomed and dressed in clean clothes. I appreciated the effort this required as I saw several ladies working hard at washing laundry by hand, and many lines of garments, diapers, and sheets hanging out to dry.

The caregivers themselves seemed full of joy. Many had babies in their arms or slings. They addressed the children lovingly by name. In my conversations with them, their dedication and compassion were obvious as they described their ministry. Truly this orphanage could not have been more aptly named: “House of Joy”.

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