Reorganizing the Bookroom

The week after our conference, my biggest task was re-organizing our bookroom.  All of our books available to sell had been transported to the conference site and set up as a bookshop there.  Many of them had in fact sold, but there were many boxes of books to return to our normal location in order to re-open for sales.

Thankfully, I wasn’t alone in this task.  Our dedicated volunteers boxed up the books, and our workers transported them by truck back to our property.  Several volunteers and a few of my colleagues set them generally in order, and then I spent a few days with my two bookshop employees working on alphabetizing them more exactly, and taking inventory.

Our bookroom contains three sets of books.  One set contains one copy of each book, as a display copy for patrons to browse.  Lord willing, I will soon have these organized by topic on our display shelves.  Separate shelves contain another copy of each book, organized alphabetically, for those who wish to use our bookroom as a library to sit and read.  All remaining books are also organized alphabetically, in our storeroom, where I am pictured, and those are the copies that are available to sell.

It seems that over time, some of the books that were supposed to be sorted alphabetically got misplaced.  Some books were missing a display copy or a library copy, and sometimes we had two copies of the same book on display or in the library.  Putting everything back in order is a big job, which will probably continue during the next week while were are open for business, but it will be very helpful to finally have everything arranged properly.

Once all the books are in place and we have taken inventory, we will need to update the computer database in our point-of-sale software with the correct number of each book in stock.  We must also update the prices for each book.  I will probably ask my employees to work on this during their down time between customers.

Though the bookroom requires a good deal of work, I consider it well worth the effort to provide high-quality Christian literature at subsidized prices to believers over a wide region.  Please pray that God will use the books we sell to bring many people to know Him better, and that the readers will take to heart and apply in their lives the Biblical truth they learn.  Thank you.

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