The home where I live was graced with the same guests twice this week.  A sweet family that serves in a rural area arrived on Monday, along with some relatives of theirs who were visiting from overseas.  The joyful conversation and laughter of children was a welcome change from the months during which I was the only person living in the house.  I enjoyed becoming acquainted with our visitors during supper on Monday and breakfast on Tuesday.  Because I had many tasks to accomplish in the office, I couldn’t take time off from work for more extended fellowship with them before they left on Tuesday morning.

But I had another opportunity!  They called on Friday afternoon and asked if most of them could stay that night again, because they had been delayed on their return home from the beach due to car trouble.  We welcomed them again, and had more great conversations during dinner and breakfast, before seeing them off Saturday morning.

I appreciate everyone’s prayers during this busy season of preparations for our pastors’ conference.  God has been very gracious to give me good progress and success in my duties, with peace in my heart and a smile on my face.  I pray that this will continue during this last week before the conference, as well as during the conference itself, July 17-20.

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