I appreciate your prayers for the Bible study I lead for our congregation’s ladies, entitled “Our Good Works:  The Vital Role of Women in the Church”.  Our monthly meetings began in August, exploring Biblical principles on the topic, and have now progressed to practical application.  The ladies are grasping hold of these truths and joyfully stepping up to serve.  They have improved the appearance of our church’s meeting room; organized church lunches; formed a choir which now sings during worship every Sunday; begun weekly prayer meetings; and cared for ill members of the congregation.  Praise be to God for how He is using these ladies to minister to the body of Christ.  Please pray that they will not grow weary in doing good (Galatians 6:9).

Please also pray for my language facility when teaching the Bible and counseling.  Spiritual matters can be difficult to explain even in one’s native language, and when communicating in a foreign language, the challenge increases.  Sometimes I can plan in advance what I will say, but other topics arise on the spot.  Please ask the Lord to put words in my mouth to accurately express His truths to those I serve.
Another prayer request is that I would sleep well.  I usually do, but recently my sleep has been disturbed by mosquitoes inside my mosquito net (I need to patch some small holes), an upset stomach, and noise near my room.

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