This month’s quarterly literature distribution to pastors on an internationally-sponsored reading program has been trickier than normal. First, our usual meetings to distribute books and collect thank-you notes were cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions. Second, the literature was hurriedly boxed up and removed from the hospital space before COVID patients arrived, and even before this, it was mixed with other materials. Third, the person responsible for sorting the books was both busy and reluctant to venture onto our coronavirus-treatment premises to do the job. Finally, my time was at a premium due to the hospital’s administrative workload.

Thankfully, Emerson, a new member of the reading program who lives in a neighboring province, volunteered to help. He individually reminded the participants to send in their thank-you notes, then came to personally pick up the books and distribute them to his colleagues, which was necessary due to the lack of mail services here. His scheduled trip provided the impetus to get the books organized. Because of pandemic-related transportation delays, his 250-mile journey stretched from four hours into nearly ten, so he spent the night at our house and we shared sweet fellowship before his return the next day. He is now making day trips to deliver the literature to the other pastors and encourage them to study it carefully. Please pray that they will grow spiritually through the Biblical truths they read.

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