Twenty-three-year-old Matthew is a blessing to all of us who live with him.  Humble, cheerful, patient, grateful, and encouraging, he enthusiastically serves us in the kitchen and with other household chores.  Most precious to me is his burden for prayer and for sharing Christ with others.

Recently, several people asked Matthew to study the Bible with them, and he gladly agreed.  He also wanted to walk regularly through our neighborhood, explaining the Good News to those willing to meet with him.  He observed that Saturday is generally the day more people are available.  I was happy to support Matthew’s pursuit in a small way by asking another youth to do our family’s weekly grocery shopping, which Matthew previously did on Saturdays.

Matthew’s first two Saturdays of this new endeavor were blessed by engaging conversations with various neighbors who showed interest in the Truth.  He leaves home in the morning, as pictured here, with his Bible in his hand and John 3:16 posted on his back.  He returns in the late afternoon, tired but eager to recount at dinner his adventures of sowing gospel seeds.  As for the discouraging situations, we remind him that not all hearts are receptive; our job is to preach faithfully, and the results are in God’s hands.

Would you please pray that the Lord would bless and grant lasting fruit from Matthew’s diligence in obeying the Great Commission?  Please also pray for God’s direction regarding Matthew’s future.  This year he applied to study engineering at a university but was rejected, so he’s thinking of trying again.  Whatever line of work Matthew pursues, I hope that Christian growth and service will always be his priority.

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