While my primary goal is to share with those around me the good news of Christ’s salvation from our sins, I also seek opportunities to show them the application of Biblical principles to practical areas of life. One of these areas is economics, including a diligent work ethic and wise financial management. Each of the four children to whom I teach Bible memory earns a penny each day he arrives on time and participates well. These earnings accumulate in his account with me, with interest paid at the end of each month, and he can make a withdrawal at any time. One of the most popular uses for this cash is buying treats from their enterprising mother, who sells snacks and drinks to neighbors for a small profit in order to save up for a large purchase. The children are learning generosity and tithing, the risks involved in loans, and the self-control necessary to save money. Please pray that these lessons will take root in their lives and spread to more of their culture.

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