Each weekday evening, music classes provide an enjoyable change of pace from our day of English training.  We have weekly classes in rhythm, singing, piano, and violin, plus rehearsing to sing as a choir in church each Sunday.  Almost all of the students have acquired violins, and five of them have acquired piano keyboards as well.  They have a knack for music but most have had no formal musical training.  In each subject, we are starting with the basics and progressing quickly.  The investments they have made in new instruments, and the time they are taking away from English study to learn music, motivate me to help them advance as quickly as possible in our five months together.  Challenges for me as a music teacher in this setting include the language barrier, limited time, and large class size in comparison with my one-on-one teaching in the past.  Please pray that I would have wisdom and effective communication to teach music in the best way possible.  Thank you!

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