This past week I taught an intensive music seminar to the six top students from the general music training that I offered for our church’s members from August through November. I was pleased that not only did those monthly classes show who is committed and capable of understanding more advanced musical concepts, but even the other participants gained useful musical knowledge. And I am excited to now be working with a smaller group of dedicated pupils with great potential.

During the seminar, I boggled the students’ minds with information about music that they never dreamed existed! Compound rhythms, clefs, scales, chords, keys, circle of fifths, vocal technique, conducting, Western music history, hymn analysis, composition, melodic dictation, overtones . . . quite the revelation for Africans who enjoy singing in harmony but have never been taught the theory underlying the music they love! They eagerly soaked it up, spending their mornings diligently completing homework before our afternoon sessions together.

Please pray for Calton, Faizal, Jeremias, Lolovina, Rosário, and Rui as they teach this material to others within our church, and possibly to other churches, in the next few months. In mid-February, I’ll meet with them regarding their teaching activities, interview their students, and invite three of them to the next phase of training: bi-weekly group music lessons with me from then through the end of May. Please pray for me as well as I make this decision.

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