I have begun much-anticipated musical training for our church here in Africa.  The first phase of this instruction consists of four three-hour classes, one each month from August to November, covering basic music theory and open to anyone in our church who would like to attend.  Thirteen came in August and seventeen in September, and they were diligent in class and in their homework in hopes of continuing on to the more selective phases of my instruction.

I plan to invite the top six or seven students to a two- or three-day seminar in December, at which I’ll teach intermediate music theory including keys, chords, and more complex rhythms.  I’ll ask them to teach the same material in January to those who weren’t accepted into my seminar.  Based on their performance in both events, I’ll select three or four students to attend biweekly classes from February through March, at which they’ll begin learning guitar, piano, and composition.  They will be expected to continue teaching others what they learn.

After a summer break, next August, Lord willing, I’ll proceed to the final phase of music training:  weekly private lessons for one or two who will be music leaders in the church.  The content of these lessons will be tailored to the students’ aptitudes and interests as well as to the church’s needs, and other church members will be invited to observe the lessons.  Please pray for this entire music training program:  that I would teach wisely, that the students would study diligently and understand well, and that the result would be excellent musicians to lead the church in worship for decades to come.  Thank you.

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