Since Carlota’s passing, it’s been my joy to befriend some of her relatives, especially her niece Filomena with her husband Nelson and their baby daughter Paula. They lived with Carlota during her final months on earth, in a tiled, spacious house tucked into the neighborhood behind the market.

During Carlota’s life, I never exchanged more than passing greetings with her relatives when I arrived on Tuesday afternoons to study the Bible with her. But after Carlota moved to heaven, I continued coming to the same house at the same time, without skipping a single Tuesday — only now it’s to visit and study the Bible with Carlota’s niece Filomena.

Filomena is a friendly, personable gal with whom I love sitting and chatting about a wide range of topics. Her husband Nelson, who is sometimes home during our visits, is also an adept conversationalist with whom I can engage in constructive dialogue for hours. Nelson has a background in church, so when he’s present, he takes the lead in our study of Matthew. Filomena is newer to God’s word and fascinated by it, so she looks to me to do the explaining in her husband’s absence. For her part, Paula is a fun baby for whom we all have high hopes.

Twice over the past few months, I brought this family to the neighborhood church I attended when my church wasn’t meeting in person due to COVID. Now that our own worship services in town have resumed, I’ve invited them to visit us there. I hope it will soon be my privilege to welcome and introduce them to the congregation in which Filomena’s aunt Carlota participated for the past 25 years.

You can thank the Lord for the joy that my friendship with this family brings me. Pray that I will effectively explain Scriptural truths, and that they will grow in faith and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And pray that my ministry will expand to more of Carlota’s relatives. May God be praised for how my connection with Carlota seems to be bearing fruit in more lives.

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