It was in February 2018, shortly after arriving in Africa, that I met Nélzia, a young architect in our church. On that first evening that we conversed, she shared with me her heart’s desire for a Godly husband, and I began praying that the Lord would grant her this request. That May I met Carlos, a medical student in our church, whom, unbeknownst to me, Nélzia had met in March. I soon began to wonder if he could be the answer to my prayers for Nélzia, though I was unable to discern any attraction between them. How thrilled I was in July 2018 to learn that not only were they interested in each other, but they had decided to marry! Carlos and Nélzia’s long-anticipated wedding occurred this past Saturday, December 7, on the property where I work, and I was honored to play violin during both the ceremony and the reception. Praise be to God for bringing together this couple who is united by their passion for Him and for each other.

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