The coronavirus has affected other aspects of our ministry in addition to our hospital. We are under an emergency order which prohibits in-person religious services, so our congregation has been worshiping remotely, with audio recordings sent via WhatsApp. Blaine and I have been blessed to have several neighbors participate with us in our home, as pictured here. Blaine and Leah have also been reading Bible stories to these children as part of my daily academic assignments for them.

Another new participant in our church’s online services is Alcindo. I met him several weeks ago when he came to our book room. Like other libraries, ours is currently closed to the public by presidential order, but we still sell books to individual customers. I was moved by Alcindo’s testimony of finding salvation by grace through faith in spite of the contrary teachings of his church, from which he was consequently excluded. He was excited to start participating, with his family, in our remote worship, and to be mentored by a man in our congregation with whom I connected him. Please pray for Alcindo’s spiritual growth.

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