Preparing a hospital to treat the city’s COVID-19 patients is no simple task. First there are all the calculations involved in estimating how many patients we might have and what is the maximum our facility could accommodate. Then there are the lists of supplies needed. Have you ever thought about how many gallons of bleach or pairs of gloves it takes to disinfect a 270-bed hospital during a 145-day epidemic? Of course, only God knows the number and timing of hospitalizations, but we’re trying to make reasonable estimates of what to purchase — including costly infrastructure like an oxygen-producing plant and generator to keep it running.

Not that we have money for all of this, of course! Yet constructing a budget is necessary in order to request funding, and that requires procuring quotes from suppliers. As you can imagine, finding sources for the items that just about everyone in the world needs right now is a challenge! But we’ve made some progress, and we plan to start fundraising this week using the information we have gathered. We depend on your prayers as we follow God’s leading to use the resources He has given us to serve the city where He has placed us. To Him be all the glory.

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