I’m privileged to help with local administration for an international program that ministers to pastors through high-quality Christian literature.  Participants receive one free book a month for three years, provided they attend quarterly meetings to discuss what they’ve read.  At these meetings, the pastors also write thank-you notes to their sponsors, and pose for photographs with the books they’re receiving.
Last year, the local branch of this program had fallen into such disorganization that the ministry’s headquarters considered shutting it down.  My director didn’t want to see that happen, so he volunteered my services, from the office of our organization, to handle administration of the literature program.  Thus, it is now a great honor for me to assist the local director by processing thank-you notes, photographs, book lists, participants’ personal data, and other records that are important to keep the ministry functioning.
This Saturday was the latest meeting at which the pastors gathered to talk about the books they had read.  Their lively discussion lasted for several hours.  I felt very blessed to hear them relate the Biblical truths they are learning from the books, and how these truths are affecting their lives and ministries.  As the meeting ended, I took photos, gathered thank-you notes, and served sandwiches I had prepared.  I thank God that through these small, practical tasks, I can assist with His work of building up His Church here in Africa.

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