After over a year of no classes due to COVID-19, the African preschool is finally open again! On a recent Wednesday morning, Bonifácio and I visited, bouncing along dirt roads outside the city until we arrived at the brightly colored concrete and bamboo structures where the youngsters were enthusiastically interacting with their teachers. Reaching a stopping point, they marched single file, merrily chanting in rhythm, to the ablution block, where each had his turn in the latrine. Returning to the classroom two by two, they were careful not to step on the grass but only on designated walkways, as they were instructed. The teachers lined them up for me to snap this group photo before returning them to their seats in their respective classrooms.

The students we met were two classes of four-year-olds and a larger class of five-year-olds who spend their weekday mornings at the preschool.  In the afternoons, elementary schoolchildren come for two hours of after-school instruction.  Although the year without classes was useful for improving the facilities and visiting the children’s homes, everyone is happy that the preschool has resumed normal operations.  Many thanks to the donors who contribute to make this outreach to impoverished children a reality.  If you have seven minutes, please watch our new video about the preschool and praise God with us for all that He is doing through this ministry.

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