Welcome to my bedroom! It’s a bright, cozy space for me to relax, play harp, read, work on my computer, or undertake other personal projects at the beginning and end of each day. When I’m awake, I leave the door open so the family can enter at will, which the children often do.

Recently, Bonif√°cio asked us to be prepared to receive even more overnight guests , so I did a bit of rearranging in my room to facilitate sharing it with his daughters when their own room is needed for company. I bought new sheets, and for my birthday the family gave me the beautiful blanket you see in the photo above. A four-drawer rolling plastic nightstand and my sittable file box can be cleared away to put a mattress for Leah on the floor, while Darcy sleeps on the bed with me. Bins on wheels under the bed are available for the girls’ garments and toiletries, and a hook fixture on the back of the door allows them to hang up other clothes. Eight clear plastic tubs that I found at a Chinese shop in town economize the shelf storage space.

I generally enjoy the privacy of having my own room. At the same time, by God’s grace, I’m looking forward to the occasions when I’ll be able to share it with the other gals of the household as part of a family effort to obey I Peter 4:9: “Be hospitable to one another without complaint.” Please pray that our home will be a blessing to many guests.

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