When you live in Africa in a mud hut with a thatch roof, you’re not surprised when the annual winds blow away patches of it, necessitating a new roof before this year’s rains set in. And when the roofing job is simply a matter of securing fresh thatch to bamboo posts with wire over plastic sheeting, it’s all in a day’s work. No, I don’t live in a mud hut, and no, I have never personally done thatch roofing. But I snapped this photo of these neighbors busy at this task a few days ago, and I heard that several others in our church are facing the same challenge, some of them short on means to purchase the necessary materials. Please pray that all would manage to stay safe and dry in their homes throughout the upcoming rainy season.

Please also pray for the Christian girls’ conference we plan to host this Friday and Saturday. Pray that we will have no technical problems showing the videos, and that I will translate well. Pray for smooth logistics, including the breakfast and lunch we’ll serve each day. Pray that the girls and their accompanying mothers would understand and obey the spiritual truths taught at the conference. Pray for profitable small group discussions. Pray for unity and spiritual maturity among the leadership team. Pray for health, stamina, and safety for everyone involved. Thank you!

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