My Saturdays usually begin with an early morning video call with my mom, before I even get out of bed. After personal worship and grooming, I sit with Stephanie to plan the week’s menu, then send Matthew to the market with a shopping list. I run my laundry through the washing machine so I can hang it out later on the line to dry.

After breakfast, I sit down at my desk to respond to e-mails, keep in touch with friends, plan family classes for the week, write a blog post, update my finances, and tend to other personal matters. I review the children’s performance during the week on their chores and Bible memory. Blaine calls his biological mother, and I catch him up on reading or current events if necessary. I sweep, dust, and organize in my room as needed.

After lunch, the girls clean the kitchen, then summon me for cooking class. I enjoy teaching them American recipes, using ingredients from international supermarkets in addition to what Matthew buys at the local market. For dinner on Saturday, the family eats what we’ve prepared, and though it’s quite different from local fare, they usually like it. And there you have it: my typical Saturday!

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